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Communicating its business through the Anixter Corporation shares its myriad of products which range from electronic communications hardware, software designed to serve business manufacturing and security needs, and even aerospace hardware distribution. has products that wind up as components either directly in most modern products, or which are involved in the design, manufacturing, or delivery of finished goods.


Networking cabling both of the fiber optic and copper type are made by Anixter. Security goods like access control, video surveillance, and biometric identity devices are now commonly linked in a comprehensive manner through the use of internet protocol technology. Assembling such a system as a project is facilitated by Anixters just in time distribution setup. Their supply chain services can assist in such aspects as system integration and the analog to digital technology shift exemplified in the convergence of IT and security, preventative security precautions which lead to asset protection.

Interconnected communications between production information and day to day operations provides benefits such as remote trouble shooting and remedial action, along with a lower total cost of ownership. With standardization, these ethernet linked systems less expensive and faster plant expansions, upgrades, and change-outs can be initiated. All of this integrates the more traditional control equipment such as electrical breakers, power transformers, fuses, plus the more modern sensing devices that provide data and control I/O.

Both standard and aerospace grade fastener hardware is distributed by Anixter. Customized inventory management is a primary service that can contribute to greater overall manufacturing plant efficiency, one of the hallmarks of all of the goods and services being shared at

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Author : Pat Gregson

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