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Attorneys who need the skills of graphic designers and wish to convey meaningful information to jurors in the courtroom will find the services of A2L Consulting at particularly useful. Other services provided include jury research services in the form of mock trials so attorneys can know how their cases may play out before going to a real trial. Formerly known as Animators at Law, these skilled professionals have experience working in over 10,000 cases for all of the United States’ largest law firms.


A2L Consulting provides numerous examples of what can be demonstrated to juries through its video presentations. The Examples section of lists all sorts of different areas of the law in which A2L has provided its services: including commercial, engineering, medical, intellectual property, and financial cases.

A2L provides jury research services, which provide value to attorneys by helping them to critically analyze the foundations of their case. Mock trials provide a way for an attorney to practice for an important case and to receive feedback from other attorneys.

This firm provides many reasons that lawyers should choose its quality services for their cases. In the Why Choose A2L section of the website, one can find many examples of satisfied customers. A2L has offices around the country in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami to name a few. The website includes testimonials from many satisfied customers and a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer customer questions and concerns.

Other features of e are the blog, news article section, and contact information. Prospective employees can apply for a job with this company as well.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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