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Adblade.comOnline advertising is very important for almost any kind of business today. A majority of the consumers around the world are more likely to see an online ad, rather than one that appears in magazines or even TV commercials. Apart from placing an ad online, it is also essential that you ensure your ad is in a place that will grab attention fastest. This is possible only when the website in which you put your ad is a really popular one. Adblade, an advertising network, can fit your bill for exactly this reason.


Adblade can help publish your advertisements in some of the top media websites. Here your ads can surely get noticed. You can check the Advertiser FAQ in the Adblade website for more details. In case you have a blog or website, you can as well register with them for monetizing it. The website should however meet certain requirements, and that is stated in the Publisher FAQ in Adblade’s website.

And apart from IAB units and Newsbullet units of advertising, Adblade also creates something called Adcast (video or rich media ads) for displaying on webpages. Plus, the company can have articles written and published for your business, to drive more traffic to your site. In Their Own Words

Online advertising and monetization services.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Adblade has partnered with some of the best content websites, which have high volumes of traffic every day. Some of the publishers that Adblade has tied up with are MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, The Washington Times and Adweek. These media websites rank quite high in most of the search engine popularity metrics. Hence, having an ad placed in one of them can definitely help a business in getting the right kind of visibility.

Some Questions About

Is this service available for websites in languages other than English?


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