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Maptube.orgMaptube presents a whole new way of looking at maps. No longer are they simply a tool for getting from point “A” to point “B”, they have a whole range of sociological and economic components to display information about our environment.

Created by CASA, the Center for Advances Spatial Analysis at the University College of London, the maps combine typical geographical charts (such as Google Maps) with demographic information (housing prices in London neighborhoods). Users can join any variable of their choosing, using Google Maps creator software, downloadable for free via CASA’s website. In Their Own Words

“The main principle of MapTube is that shared maps can be overlayed to compare data visually. For example, to see a map of the London Underground overlayed on top of a map of population, go to the search page and enter the keywords “tube” and “population”. Then click on the two relevant maps to add them. They will be displayed when you click on “View”.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Maptube is an interesting exercise in sociological and geographical studies, and insightful for anyone who has an interest in local or regional demographics. It will be particularly useful to students in this field (as evidenced by its roots in CASA).

Some Questions About

How easy is it to secure the demographic information to be can be pinpointed on a neighborhood level?

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