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The challenge of effectively managing freelancers, the workforce, and associated data has been a persistent issue. As the former head of IT at a dynamic production company, I witnessed firsthand the struggles that creative teams faced in finding a software solution that truly met their unique needs. Off-the-shelf solutions often fell short, lacking the comprehensive features and intuitive logic necessary to align with the dynamic workflows of modern creative agencies.

The compromise between adapting to software logic and maintaining efficient workflows was a common dilemma with existing software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions. How could we enhance team efficiency without forcing established workflows to conform to the constraints of the software?

Recognizing this market gap, we were inspired to create, a platform meticulously crafted to bridge this divide. Our vision is clear: to develop a platform that caters to the operational nuances of creative agencies, enhancing team productivity without compromising existing workflows. is designed to seamlessly integrate into a creative team’s ecosystem, offering a feature-rich experience that aligns with modern creative work’s dynamic and flexible nature.

Company Overview

  • Name:
  • Year Founded: 2024
  • Type of Company: SAAS
  • HQ Location: Seattle, WA
  • Startup Founders: Joshua Copeland
  • One-liner: Reach Out – We Don’t Bite, We Just Code.

Progress and Current Status is currently at a pivotal stage in its journey. With a solidified business idea, a comprehensive plan, and a detailed financial forecast, the startup is gearing up for the next critical development phase. The focus is now on building the product, and the team is actively seeking talented individuals to join. Currently, positions for Lead UX/UI Designer and Front-End Developers are open; they have crucial roles in shaping the user experience and constructing the interface for the innovative video production management platform.

Inspiring Story

The spark of inspiration for originated from the challenges faced by our founder, a seasoned veteran in the IT video production world. Tired of the chaos of managing complex projects and diverse teams, the idea was born to create something better and more enjoyable – a tool that truly understands the creative process. emerged from late-night brainstorming sessions and meticulous planning, marking the beginning of an adventure in innovation.

Company Role Model: SpaceX looks up to SpaceX for its groundbreaking innovation approach and fearless pursuit of seemingly impossible goals. SpaceX’s commitment to redefining the boundaries of what’s possible serves as an inspiration to push the limits in video production management. Like SpaceX, aims to challenge the status quo and reach new heights in project management.

Future Outlook

In four years, envisions becoming a vibrant force in the video production industry, capturing 15% of the market with its innovative solutions. The workspace is envisioned to be dynamic and fun, filled with creative energy and a team passionately pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in project management. aspires to be known not only for the impact of its product but also for fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and joy in every task undertaken. As the journey unfolds, invites individuals to participate in this exciting innovation adventure. If you’re ready to join the revolution, reach out – they don’t bite; they code.

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