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Maid Cleaning Services… Don’t Sweep The Dream Under The Rug. It Can Happen, Easily

maid cleaning services

Don’t you just love coming home to a sparkling clean house – all the dishes put away, the bed made, everything dust free and in soothing order…


No, I’m not trying to taunt you or cause you injury from laughing so hard. You can have a clean home. There is a cleaning service that is the perfect model of how you can tame a disorderly home.


MaidComfy makes life better by providing quality, professional home cleanings. They send a two-person team to restore your house to a shimmering palace, make arranging service a no-hassle process, and offer simple and transparent pricing.


MaidComfy landing


Who doesn’t struggle to keep up with cleaning anymore? The heads of most households work hard these days. Even if there is a spare moment, no one wants to spend that precious free time cleaning. Add children or pets to the mix, and just trying to maintain a livable home is a serious challenge.


MaidComfy saves tears and dollars. They clean your home to your satisfaction or they’ll come back and do it again. This probably won’t happen often though, because the company does its homework hiring and training rockstar cleaners. What’s more, they use a 50-point checklist to ensure that they’ve addressed all the important cleaning tasks in your home.


Want items on a shelf cleaned? Taken care of. Toaster crumbs emptied and brushed out of your life for good? Done. MaidComfy will do the job to your specifications – leaving the house clean and tidy as you previously only had the time to imagine it.


MaidComfy uses organic, eco-friendly products, so you can rest assured that the kids and pets will not face any health risks. Plus, you enjoy a more guilt free pleasure that comes with having a clean home while taking it easy on the environment.


To thoroughly clean your house with MaidComfy, there’s no tedious negotiating prices or warding off an infinite number of attempts to up-sell you. The startup has upfront pricing depending on the number of rooms in your home, beginning at $199 for a one-bedroom house. The more frequent you clean, the bigger the discount you receive, though there are no contract obligations.


Have you met a couple that shares the exact same notion of how often cleaning needs to be done? How thoroughly it needs to be done? Let me know if you do, because I’ve yet to meet a couple that doesn’t argue over cleaning. Hiring MaidComfy is like a cheap version of couples therapy that stops argument before they happen AND ends with a clean home after each session. Brilliant.


Currently MaidComfy operates in New Jersey, delivering maid cleaning services 8:30am-5pm, Mon-Sun. Learn more (and place your request, err demand, that they expand to your neighborhood) at


Professional, safe cleaning. Easy online booking… Look at you with your feet up on a clean coffee table (with the remote long-lost in the cushions in your hand), enjoying a spotless TV screen.


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