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New To Investing? Invest In What You Want With M1 Finance – Simply, Conveniently, And For Free

Investing is a complicated game, and trying to figure how to invest – or what to invest in – can be incredibly daunting when you’re just starting out. Whether you’re always on the go with little time to monitor your investments, or you’re just not sure how to get in the game. M1 Finance – an innovative financial platform where you automatically invest in what you want – is a great place to start. They make investing simple and convenient – and, it’s worth mentioning, free.


Founded in 2015,  M1 Finance makes investing as easy as managing a savings account. All you have to do is choose your investments, and use their intelligent automation to build wealth over time, with no commissions ever, making M1 simple, convenient and free to use.


M1 Finance


M1 Finance users just have to build their portfolio by choosing the investments they want, with the ability to choose from any public company or ETF, or select from dozens of expert-designed template portfolios. Conveniently, users can deposit or withdraw money whenever they’d like, or set up recurring funding to make investing completely seamless. Added bonus: M1 never charges you a commission or brokerage fee, and it utilizes fractional shares so every penny you deposit will be invested. That means you can put more of your money toward investing in your future.


M1 Finance’s features include pie charts to help you understand your investments; tax minimization, which uses a lot allocation strategy when selling securities to help reduce the amount owed on taxes automatically; and automatic rebalancing, making sure your funds are appropriately allocated whenever more come in.


If you want to see how M1 can best fit into your financial future, you can sign up for a free consultation with one of their product specialists.
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Note: Additional services beyond their core product may require fees – review their pricing disclosure for complete details.



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