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LyricStatus.comUsing song lyrics to tell all your friends on Facebook how you’re feeling is great, until you make a typo or misquote them completely. When that happens, even people who wouldn’t even give your status a second glance on an average day will begin commenting on that, and making fun of your mistake. So, if you were using a song lyric to say you secretly loved someone, nobody will take notice. All the comments will revolve around you having goofed the lyrics up.

And this is the first site I know that lets you prevent that from happening. lets you search song lyrics both by song and by artist, and once you’ve got them you can post them to Facebook directly. So, no risk you’ll cut and paste them wrong. A simple click will let you have your Facebook status updated on the spot.

And the site comes with a list of all the most often-quoted lyrics. If these are the most popular one, then that must be for a reason – they’re probably the ones that speak to people more directly. And being able to see the lyrics that people quote the most is also useful in case you want to be original, and quote what nobody else is quoting. You’ll get to know what to avoid at a glance. In Their Own Words

Quoted song lyrics on Facebook.

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