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Lunchbox.Allbusiness.comLunchbox is my favorite kind of mashup. It mashes GIS maps and satellites with Yelp (a user-generated site for customer reviews) to give you easy access to restaurant reviews in your neighborhood.

Having worked the 9-5 gig for too many years and faced the mind-numbing question of where to eat lunch daily, this site would have been a welcome addition to my day. The site is super simple: you just enter in the desired zip code and/or the type of food you want, and watch for the map to pop up with some red tags. You then click on the tag and read some reviews. They have a link to the Yelp reviews so you can read a variety of opinions. You can also look at the restaurant on their map, their satellite, or their hybrid option. And that is all there is to it. And, that is literally all there is to the site. In Their Own Words

“Find good food.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Who hasn’t sought out a new place to grab lunch while stuck in an office, dying for some good food and fresh air? Well, I have, and I rarely ventured out beyond my usual haunting grounds. This site would have helped me expand my lunch horizons and probably come back to work in a much better mood. It is a perfect mashup that has practical and fun uses.

Some Questions About

Why is there no description of their site or its purpose, or any contact information? Is it just a subsidiary of Yelp? How are they advertising this site to the millions of office workers out there and how is this site making a profit?

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