How to submit? – California Has The City Of Lodi is the government site of the City of Lodi, California.

The site has everything visitors need to enter without knowing the city, and getting out with a clear idea of everything related to Lodi. The inhabitants of this city claim to be the heart of California wine business. Indeed, the production of premium quality wines is the economic engine that drives the Lodi-Woodbridge region. Supported by over 90,000 acres of vineyards that surround the Lodi community, Lodi-Woodbridge winegrape growers annually produce a crop worth more than $350 million. This region has been a respected part of California’s wine industry for over a hundred years. Besides, the latest investments made to revitalize the city have changed its face: now, it’s a pretty young lady who invites everyone to visit her. Through, citizens can enjoy off an important amount of services. In fact, with this page the Lodi’s authorities aim to provide an effective and practical way to get relevant information and solve different kind of issues.

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