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Listomi.comUsing innovative approaches to the organization of list data and bringing a social networking aspect to the field, leaves Listomi in the forefront of list repositories and list data management. The goal of Listomi is to become the known place to go to for lists of all shapes and sizes.

Need a list of US States to use on your website? Want to browse through thousands of baby names all in one place? Need to settle an argument about the works of a particular author? Listomi is the place to go for all data that can be organized into a list. It is the next generation of list repositories, possibly the first true, dedicated list repository. As you can see, the number of lists available is virtually infinite. In Their Own Words

“Listomi is a new online service based on lists and list management. Listomi aims to be the leading site for online list repositories.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is the first true repository for all lists. Everyday people search for lists of things, the types of lists that people search for is virtually infinite. The results for these searches return a multitude of different sites that may or may not contain a suitable list. If there was single site, an online repository of all the possible lists in the universe that someone could go to find the list they are looking for, then the amount of traffic is equally as infinite. is that place.

Some Questions About

How up to date is the information showed on the site? Will they organize their content more or better so that it is more easily accessible?

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