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Listoid.comListoid is a site in which people create and share lists detailing the best of the best when it comes to just anything. Soccer stars, computer games, female tennis players, ice creams… there is no end to the kind of things that can be discussed though this site. But if you want your list to be found among the most popular ones (and be viewed by even more people as a result) then you should come up with something slightly appealing and/or controversial such as the worst American presidents ever, or the best movie scenes Megan Fox was ever in.

As it currently stands, the site is made up of seven different categories: Technology, Society, Science, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports and Misc. A list is created and categorized in a minute or two (longer if you want to use some pictures to illustrate the topic at hand even better… and if you went for something like the hottest Hollywood actresses, then pictures are a must). And joining/using the site costs absolutely nothing. In Their Own Words

User-created lists of everything.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fun way to share your views on anything, and see how many people think like you do.

Some Questions About

Can lists be promoted on sites like Facebook and Twitter?

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