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The word ´linea´ in Spanish is literally translated ´line,´ referring to a phone line. offers a lower telephone calling rate for people who live in Spanish speaking countries. How does work? It’s simple. Simply sign up to be a customer of and you will receive a Linea Home phone number. A Linea Home phone number allows you to make interlinear phone calls to Spanish speaking countries for a lower than average rate. offers three different phone calling plans for its customers. All plans are function in the same way. All plans allow one to make phone calls to Hispanic countries for a fixed rate. The difference between the three plans, namely ´Basic, ´ ´Plus, ´ and ´Total´ is the difference in the monthly fixed price. The lowest fixed monthly price is offered in the Basic plan and the highest fixed monthly plan is offered in the Total plan. So, if you live in a Hispanic country, you should check out for a great telephone deal.

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