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LikeWhere Helps You Figure Out Where To Go In A New City

One of my favorite things about working online is the ability to work from basically anywhere. My “offices” over the past couple of years have included a rooftop terrace in Buenos Aires, a dead tree that acted like a wifi antenna in a hippie village in Chile, a coworking space right next to San Francisco’s famous South Park, and the porch of my parent’s cabin on the shores of Lake Champlain.


I’m firmly part of the growing tribe known as “digital nomads” or, more recently, “glomads” and the freedom it allows me far outweighs the relatively low pay and lack of health insurance, at least at this point in my life.






We’ll see if that changes someday if I decide I want, you know, a house. Or children. Or even a pet.

One simultaneously really hard and really awesome element of moving all over the place is that you have to get to know whole new cities pretty much on the regular. While I love exploring new cities, I always feel like I’m missing out on things like the best coffee shops and bars and vintage stores that people who are more long term residents already know to be awesome.


That’s why I was super pumped when I happened upon LikeWhere, a travel site that recommends spots to check out based on places you liked in other cities. For example, if you’re headed to San Francisco and you already “know” New York, you can tell the site that you really dig the High Line park and it will recommend spots in SF that are similar.






Here’s how it works.

Tell the site what city you plan on visiting. Then, pick out another city that you know well and choose a neighborhood, site, or activity that LikeWhere offers and they’ll pull up a whole list of similar places for you to visit.


The site also lets you organize your search results and create a travel itinerary so that you know just where to go when your plane finally lands. While this isn’t an “only the locals know” kind of place, it definitely can help guide you to the areas of town where you’re most likely to find the things you love.






Get it?

The site as it stands today definitely feels young, with only a few major world cities listed. However, the execution on what they currently provide is impressive and the only recommendation I have is that they tighten up the copy a bit; it seems like a lot of time was spent on the visual design of the site and the words were tacked on later.


They also let you suggest new cities and places within the ones they have listed already, suggesting that there are plans to expand LikeWhere beyond its current reach. I think I speak for glomads everywhere when I say, “Yes, please!” Help us get to know our new homes!


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