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Lexposure.netSocial and business networks are all the rage these days and one that promises to connect the dispersed fashion industry certainly warrants a look. Lexposure allows anyone to register and upload their portfolios and other pertinent information.

Members can communicate with one another on the easy to use forums, check individuals’ activity feeds to see what they are up to or post on other member’s walls. Basically, this is a site that allows everyone in the fashion industry to get to know one another, find work or pitch their latest creation. Like many other similar sites, users can also meet new people by sharing their network of friends with everyone else. In Their Own Words

“ is the first social and business platform custom-built for people in the fashion and creative scenes. We designed it to be the leading networking and information website for the fashion and creative scene. Whether you’re a photographer, model, designer, hair or makeup artist, editor, booker or producer – anyone can have his own account on”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could become a required tool for anyone wishing to get ahead in the fashion industry. In an industry where networking is incredibly important, this will give people a way to make themselves known and perhaps get that all important introduction that can change their lives.

Some Questions About

Will fashion industry decision makers use this site or will it just become a site for up-and-coming hopefuls looking for a break? Either way, it appears original enough to be a successful venture.

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