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Lewrockwell.comWant to read the news written from another point of view? does just this.

In this site you will find news that, as they self-proclaim, are “anti-state, anti-war and pro-market”. This site offers any kind of news that may prove to be relevant, or just interesting, ranging from the war, to even the Simpsons, passing through economy and interviews, among others. The site has many other features which users can find useful, such as subscription to the site, links, a database of old news, a bookstore, forums, and a top 10, to name a few. The site is arranged similarly as a blog, so it may prove to be a little untidy and monotonous, but still, the information is quite easily found. Everything available in the site, even the subscription is available for the users completely for free. In Their Own Words

“ highlights the news and commentary that he finds important, or simply interesting. It is therefore unapologetically idiosyncratic. Given this, the views expressed in the articles do not necessarily represent those of Lew Rockwell. However, Lew welcomes your comments and suggestions, especially as to articles that should be carried on the page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With a large portion of the population discontent with the State and the war, this site may see itself with a huge audience in its grasp. The site may prove to provide a useful service for anyone tired of the traditional or government abiding news, in look for a fresher point of view.

Some Questions About

Will people trust in this highly biased information source, rather than looking for a more centered supply? Isn’t the fact that they rely solely on donation in order to maintain their site makes them a little unstable? Although many people may now hold a different position, the government is there because the people voted it, so doesn’t this site openly criticizes them?

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