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LetMeCallU.comLetMeCallU is a service that will let you add a button to your site that can be used by customers to connect with you directly via the telephone. By clicking on this button, a visitor is requested to supply his number and then the application will connect him with your operators.

And this process is carried out for free – the customer doesn’t have to pay a thing.

You will be provided with a dashboard for keeping track of all the calls that you have received along with the purchase history of each and every client.

A nice feature is that you can specify that only calls coming from specific countries be allowed, and also that calls be received only within a specific time range. Any call that is made outside of that range will be diverted to voicemail, and you will be able to listen to it later on from your dashboard.

Ultimately, a site like this one aims to let you turn casual visitors into people who end up making a purchase in a very effective way: by letting them connect with your sales team via the device they always use for talking, and without having to pay anything at all. In Their Own Words

“Letmecallu is a revolutionary service where people can post a button on their websites where their customers can reach them by clicking on the button and contact them by phone for free!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you give visitors the chance to connect with your sales team in a direct and natural way, chances are they will do it. This site leverages such a fact.

Some Questions About

How customizable are these buttons in aesthetic terms?

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