Lessons On Creation, Innovation And Breaking The Startup Rules

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Ok, so we’re not all right-brainers, but most of us have the potential to tap into our creative sides in some capacity. Innovation and creativity are the name of the startup building game, so if you’re a left-brained entrepreneur, you’ll really want to pay attention to these creative tapping tips.


Innovation is about breaking the rules

I’m pretty sure the greatest innovators of the world didn’t pay much attention to convention or rulebooks. Jobs didn’t say, “you know what, that’s too risky, I should scale it back.” Your favorite Mac toys may have never been born.



By breaking the rules of the startup game you have the potential to break ground and create something that people will find interesting and fresh, and it will open you up to a huge potential for success.


Ideas are born from hard work

We all know hard work and dedication are the recipe for startup success, but creative breakthroughs can also come from the lessons you learn from hard work.



Luck usually has nothing to do with creativity and innovation. When you’re determined, focused, and inspired, these two startup essentials will naturally develop.


Doubt and fear are creativity’s buds

Be afraid, be very, very afraid, and then punch fear in the face. If you’re not afraid to take on the challenges that come with creativity and innovation, you’re doing something wrong. These fears will help you flourish.



Equally, not doubting yourself is also probably a red flag. You should have a little doubt in your mind—this means you’re pushing yourself to limits you are unsure of, but limits that are healthy for success.


Keep the wheels of change rolling

As the lean startup model teaches us, get your product to market and continue to make changes. Worry too much about rolling out a perfect product, will only lead to disappointment. After all, innovation is all about change and inevitably your startup will be faced with it.


Reality, logic and sales

These are three things, when combined with creativity can lead to a successful business model.


Creativity on its own won’t make it in the real world. You have to solve real world problems and make sure you can actually sell your product.


It’s all about the people

Connecting creativity and innovation to the people who would appreciate and love your product should always be your goal. These are the people who will determine the success of your business. Tap into their psyche and the tap into your creativity.



And, the people around you will be huge determinants of your creative potential. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, creative innovators will bring out the same in you.


The big picture

Small insights can lead to big ideas. Those ideas should always be put into the big picture. Ask yourself: What problem am I solving, and am I solving it for a lot of people? Has anything been created to solve this problem before?


Though creativity is quite a personal thing, when it comes to your business, innovation should be created with your potential customers in mind.


So, take these tips and start tapping away to find your true creative, innovative potential. It just might lead you to a million dollar idea.


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