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Latest Startups And Companies To Receive Funding

When a company receives funding you have to ask yourself WHY they are receiving the funds.  The millions of dollars they receive comes from people who have assessed the potential of the company and determined the rewards are well worth the risk.


You also have to understand just because someone invests millions of dollars doesn’t mean they necessarily know what they are doing. Looking at companies receiving the funds is one more indicator you can use to evaluate the organization and whether they are worth your hard earned dollars.



The Viadeo Group is a professional networking service with more than 45 million professionals. It owns and operates Viadeo, ApnaCircle and Tianji, professional networks designed to bring together career and business opportunities around the world. The group is geared towards non-English speaking countries. It has a staff of over 400 in different countries including Senegal, Netherlands, Russia, China and Spain. They recently raised $32 million in funding from Idinvest, Wealth Fund and other funds around the world.



OneID wants to eliminate all of your usernames and passwords to do away with the tedious task of filling out the information every time you want to access your accounts. According to the company you will enjoy a level of security that is better than what is currently available. It was founded by Steve Kirsch who also founded Infoseek and Frame Technology amongst others. The Company raised $7 million in new funding from different groups including North Bridge Venture Partners.


41st Parameter

Online security is a critical component for ecommerce, 41st Parameter develops online recognition and fraud prevention tools. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona but their operation is in Silicon Valley. They raised $13 million with Series D funding for expansion. This type of funding is usually obtained to finance unique situations within the company. Some of the funding came from NVP Northwest Venture Partners and Jafco Ventures.



Cloud computing is eliminating the need to load large software application on your laptop, tablet or other computing device. CloudPassage is a cloud server security platform which allows you to deploy servers in hybrid and public clouds. The San Francisco based company said they received $14 million in a Series B funding round. Series B funding is a growth stage financing round for companies looking for acquisitions or exit strategies. The funding came from previous investors Benchmark Capital and Musea Ventures as well as new investor Tenaya Capital.


Violin Memory

Enterprise class customers expect products with reliability and performance with zero failure rates. Violin Memory is responsible for accelerating Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases to record breaking levels of performance with their scalable flash memory arrays. They received $50 million in Series D funding increasing their market value above $800 million. New and old investors including Toshiba, SAP Ventures, Highland Capital and others contributed to the funding.


Keeping track of how and who funds companies is one way of staying on top of future innovations as well as being informed about a company’s economic health.



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