How to submit? – A Tool For Writing In Multiple Languages

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LangOver.comLangOver is a free application for the ones whose work involves typing documents in alternate languages all through the day. That is, people whose job has them changing the layout of the keyboard time after time after time. You might think that such a thing is no big deal, but believe me when I tell you it is. And it is the kind of operation that one easily forgets doing. Only when a mistake has been made does one realize he did not change the layout.

Well, LangOver puts a stop to that in the easiest way yet devised. When LangOver is running, you can simply press F10 for any text that you have typed to be fixed, and the characters to be replaced with the right ones.

And additional keyboard commands that you can use include one for translating the text in its entirety using Google Translate (Ctrl + G), and also search any portion of it (Ctrl + S).

As a tool, LangOver can be used at just no cost. The application is really lightweight, and you are sure to be able to run it.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Translators will relish having such a powerful tool available, not the least because it is free.

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