KS Life Hacks: Dropbox’s Awesome New Acquisition Will Change How You Keep Photos Forever

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What if there was an app that promised to “automatically” organize every photo and video you had ever taken? Most of us have an embarrassing amount of photos and videos strewn across our smartphones, computers, and all those other devices that have crept into our lives. It sounds like a silly problem to complain about but keeping all of that media (or memories for the more sentimental amongst us) is a big task.


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Loom started off as the ultimate photo management solution designed with real people in mind. Instead of trying to sort through a bunch of photos duplicated across external hard drives and devices, Loom made it possible for users to streamline all of the syncing and sharing that was taking place and bring users’ photos onto one easy to navigate and organized platform.


The “one library” idea sold me from the get-go. Seeing all the space I was wasting by having three copies of that bomb cupcake I had 6 months ago drove me crazy. Loom offered a sense of relief and control to my increasingly unruly media library. It also made keeping track of these memories a breeze compared to what I was doing with iPhoto.




As its logo indicates, a lot of Loom’s magic came from cloud power. Users are able to access their albums with equal amounts of ease and privacy from anywhere and any device. With all of this space and sanity saving organization it should come as no surprise that Dropbox was eager to snatch Loom up. Existing users are being provided with a very well-thought-out plan to help transition them into using Dropbox, without losing anything they may have paid for.



Where’s the life hack?

Loom announced that it was officially joining forces with Dropbox last week. So why am I talking about this in a weekly segment geared towards technology that makes life easier for startup people? Because this cocktail of information is one part success story, and one part tool for organizing media. The bad news is Loom is no longer taking on new users, but the good news is that Dropbox is incorporating all of these awesome time saving features into its suite of functions.


This set of features is now available as Dropbox’s new gallery application called Carousel. On top of all of Loom’s features, Dropbox is branding this revamped app as a way of backing up valuable memories and media for life. Carousel automatically backs up users’ photos and videos onto Dropbox. It’s available on both Google Play and iTunes.


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Dropbox made an already outstanding application into a way of organizing media that is as elegant as it is efficient. Users in and outside of the startup world can appreciate that feat. Sorting through those 1000+ photos you took at your launch party or that pitch you nailed doesn’t need to take up that much time.


Find the photos that tell your company’s story fast and get them up on your social networks and into your portfolios and move on. These things should all be simple – Carousel clearly gets that. As far as life hacks go, this particular platform makes organizing, sharing, and backing up photos and videos incredibly easy, so you can spend time on the hard stuff (yay?).


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