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Knewsroom.comKnewsroom, from Kluster is a community driven news publication that recently went live. Community driven news has become increasingly popular on the web with services like Digg leading the way.

Knewsroom takes this concept a step further by having users submit their own original stories to the site where they are voted on, and if they make the top five in their category, they are posted in the next day’s Knewspaper. Users are provided with a cash incentive for submitting material, to the amount of 20% of all advertising revenue generated from their submission. The Knewspaper contains news in the following categories: Politics, Business, Technology, Design, Sports and Entertainment. In Their Own Words

“Knewsroom™ is a community-directed news publication where not only do you have a voice—you get paid to use it. “The Knews” gets published every morning, featuring the previous day’s top stories in Politics, Business, Technology, Design, Sports, and Entertainment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a simple but powerful concept that could eventually change the way people get their news and what they read. This newsroom community allows anyone to submit but only the best submissions will be rewarded as judged by their peers.

Some Questions About

This is without a doubt a unique idea that should do very well. Have they considered providing a bio section of the top writers so that the best writers can receive even further exposure? The year’s best writer could be featured or even provided with some sort of internship at a major publication company.

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