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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

weekly roundup
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Here’s to a 2016 of successful launches, brilliant rebrandings and pivots. To awe-inspiring scaling, gorgeous redesigns, invigorating hires. To pitches nailed and crowdfunding goals surpassed. To startups – and all the dreamers, leaders, tinkerers, number crunchers, customers, and the rest of the talent that contributes to making them soar. Cheers!


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Video chats simplified, magnetic adapters ending outlet frustrations, and paperless onboarding – it’s already a happy new year with the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


Killer Startups

  • Organizing a video chat can resemble arranging a marriage – without the cake, champagne, dancing, and celebration of love… Shindig makes hosting a video chat feel like throwing a great party.
  • Knowing which candidates share personal views and where people stand on important issues might help turn the tide against voter apathy. Voter breaks down the issues and lets voters know who they should vote for according to each person’s beliefs.
  • Half a million e-books on any device for one low price. Book lover’s app to bookshelf, Bookmate.
  • Prizes! Lots of prizes, like freakin’ hoverboards! This is how photo-sharing incentives should work: Piccmee.


Living the Startup Life

  • It’s tempting to say that shopping for jeans leads to fits, but that’s the problem. It doesn’t. Jeans rarely fit (neither body nor budget). Now you can get custom jeans made for you, without the hassles or jaw-dropping prices.
  • Small-production, delicious wines brought to your house, no searching required. It’s never to late to resolve to drink fabulous, storied wines.
  • Until we can do without power cords entirely, we should at least be able to do without pronged nightmares. Whuuuut? Two words: magnetic adapters.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • What’s it called when you knock HR out of the park? Nope, not a home run. Try: paperless onboarding. Yep, it really can be done.
  • The average home is filling up with multiple smart devices and appliances. Security has not kept pace with the Internet’s spread through the household. Here’s how you can protect your network.
  • If collaboration were easy, there wouldn’t be so many applications around that are devoted to improving teamwork. Slyng takes effort and knowledge gaps out of the picture by pushing content where it needs to be, automatically.


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