Today’s Killer Startup: ZOZI Is The Place For Outdoor Adventures

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Today’s Killer Startup: ZOZI




Elevator Pitch

ZOZI is on a mission to help the world be more active, through getaways, gear, and sweepstakes.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Honestly, I can’t decide if I love this site because of what it offers or because of some secret sauce in its design. I’m not a big hiker/physical activity person and yet I can’t seem to tear myself away from scrolling through all of the different excursions that ZOZI has to offer. While the idea of discounted Zumba classes or a climbing clinic makes me cringe, I still find myself searching for something that could work.


Wine tasting tour in Soho, for example? I could be down for that…


For those of you who are outdoorsy (or have outdoorsy friends) ZOZI is a treasure trove of new ways to get out and be active. It’s also a great resource for gifts for your favorite hiker/rock climber/kayaker/kiteboarder. They’ve got all kinds of gear, from sleeping bags to rugged jackets to fitness gear. Right now they also have compilations of gift suggestions if you’re having a hard time figuring out what to give this holiday season.


What originally drew me into ZOZI, however, was their Getaways. I don’t know if they’re working some algorithmic magic or what, but a getaway for a 12 day trip to Chile and Argentina appeared in my inbox recently, in my usual email from Netted by the Webbys. I spent two years living in South America and even though I don’t usually do any kind of sweepstakes, I signed right up for the possibility of a free trip to that part of the world. You can too at


Well played, ZOZI. Well played.



#Winter getting you down? Check out @ZOZI for awesome trips, great giveaways, and perfect gifts for you outdoorsy loves


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