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Today’s Killer Startup: Your Holiday Gift Searching Stops Here

Today’s Killer Startup: Uncoverly


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Elevator Pitch

Uncoverly is a curated list of the best and most unique products on Etsy.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

It’s the holiday season, which means that millions of people are super stressed about finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Everyone wants to hit that perfect mix of original, beautiful, and thoughtful but there are few among us who are naturally gifted with perfect gift-giving skills.


That’s where Uncoverly comes in.


Uncoverly uses a combination of computer algorithm and hand curation to bring the best products on Etsy to the forefront. The homepage has the latest trending products which, at the time of writing this article, looked like every hipster homemaker’s dream. From a vintage industrial table priced at over $3k to classic airmail envelopes at $5 to make your own felt boots, I think both the DIY and twee aesthetics are thoroughly covered here.


If the coolest stuff doesn’t match what you’re looking for, Uncoverly also offers a categories option. This is where the true danger starts as the list of different options goes on and on and I honestly want to buy everything – for myself. I seriously can’t stop browsing through these different options and wishing I had a real house to fill with handmade and vintage goodness.


Etsy is great but there are two major issues with it: 1. there’s so much there that it can be overwhelming and, 2. they’ve opened up the site to manufacturers in China, meaning that not everything is guaranteed handmade anymore. Ucoverly solves both of those problems by highlighting the best of the best – no mass produced crap to be found.


So if you have a particularly hip or socially conscious friend or family member on your holiday giving list, head over to and discover some of the best in unique gift giving. I won’t tell anyone that you didn’t think of it yourself.



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