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Today’s Killer Startup: RingCaptcha




Elevator Pitch

RingCaptcha is “the fastest way to onboard verified users into any app.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup

In these days of mobile-first, which seem to quickly be turning into mobile-always, fast onboarding is essential for the success of any app. Anyone with a smartphone is suffering from digital ADD and if it’s too hard to even sign up for your app, you can bet that they won’t bother completing the process.


RingCaptcha simplifies the onboading process by providing users with a text to download link that they can easily install on their websites using only a few lines of code. Once it’s up and running, users can enter their phone numbers on the website, whether they’re accessing it on their phones or online. A text is then automatically sent to their phones with a download link. Users can click, and they’re good to go!


For apps that are concerned with fake users clogging up their communities and systems, RingCaptcha has a built-in detection system that weeds out and blocks fake users, using detecting typical VOIPs and disposable phone numbers.


New apps and startups alike know that every single user counts – for a lot. Too many companies make it hard for users to get on board and, as a result, lose hundreds before they’ve even had a chance to try out the actual product. It’s essential to make sure that it’s as easy as possible to onboard new users if you’re going to succeed to the ADD age of mobile.


RingCaptcha is a great solution even for people who are not super technical, whether they’re working with iOS, Android, or Windows phone. It’s also awesome for folks who are really techie but just don’t have the time to develop their own system. Whichever category you fall under, you can get started with RingCaptcha by registering at today.



Internet ADD is real, y’all. Fight the distraction of SHINY THINGS KITTY CATS and onboard quickly with @ringcaptcha


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