It’s Time To Drop Those RSS Feeds For A Better Blog Discovery Tool

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Today’s Killer Startup: Notey


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Elevator Pitch:

Notey is an easy, beautiful way to search for and follow the best blogs online.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’m constantly searching for new writing, new topics, new blogs but I have the hardest time tracking down what’s worth reading. Some people seem to just have an instinct for discovering great new writers and content but I – I’m ashamed to say – definitely have to work at it.


I’ve tried popular RSS feeds (not specific enough/too techie), I’ve tried social media (too cluttered/distracted), I’ve even tried crowdsourcing (too unreliable). None of them have fit my needs, but I think Notey – a new way to search for, follow, and share blogs – might.


Notey lets you search for specific topics or browse their common ones and add them to your favorites for easy perusal later. The founders have culled the vast blogosphere down to more than half a million topics, pulling up the best of what’s available online. The site is accessible, easy to use, and doesn’t involve pulling in any RSS feeds whatsoever.


According to the Notey About page, there are over 152 million blogs and a new one is created every 30 seconds. That’s billions of words on thousands of topics and sorting through them all on your own is a near impossible task. The founders discovered that, like me, nothing really fit their blog discovery needs and Notey is their answer to that common problem.


While it’s still early stage, it’s definitely a site I’m going to add to my daily roster of useful tools.


If you’re reading this post, that means you’re into reading things online. Whether that interest extends to your profession (startup founders, I’m looking at you) or you just like reading great content, get started on Notey today.



The blogosphere is HUGE. @teamnotey helps you wade through and locate only the best of the best.


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