Worried About Someone Snooping Your Phone?

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Today’s Killer Startup: Keeply




Elevator Pitch

Keeply is the “must-have app for storing your private moments and data on your phone.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Very few of us are very good at protecting our personal information online. Whether we’re emailing ourselves login info or signing Terms of Service without reading them (who ever reads them, really?) the average internet users knows that they should be more careful with their data but, in reality, isn’t.


Keeply is an app that promises to protect all of your info in one easily accessible spot on your phone. While sites like OnePassword have made strides in keeping passwords safe, Keeply is aiming to keep everything – from passwords to credit card info to, (ahem) personal photos and videos – out of the hands of prying or thieving eyes.


The app is accessible with a PIN, much like your phone. Once inside, information can be organized in any way you prefer and, for those of you who are visually oriented, Keeply offers 25 different colors and 20 different icons to help you keep track of what’s what.


Keeply even has its own built-in security system. If anyone tries to access your information without your permission, the app will take a picture of them. It’s a great way to catch snoopers or, worst case scenario, thieves. There’s also a fake pin option, which when used will display an empty app. Finally, the app includes a “face-down lock” feature, which automatically closes Keeply if your phone is placed face-down.


Finally, Keeply is an app that actually cares about design. So many security sites and apps sacrifice utility for beauty but Keeply has an intuitive, flat design that even early adopters of the hipster social network Ello will love.


So whether you’re looking to keep your private pictures private or just need a better place than gmail to store your website login info, give Keeply a shot.



Your phone is hella hackable but this app will keep your private data private: #Keeply by @InAppShrimp http://inappshrimp.com/keeply/


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