Hey Ladies, Isn’t It Time You Started Traveling?

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Today’s Killer Startup: Go! Girl Guides


go girl guides


Elevator Pitch

Go! Girl Guides creates travel guides for women on a budget.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Travel is one of my great loves. I fell for her when I was 12 and my parents made the astonishingly bold choice of bringing me and my two of my brothers to India. It was the first time out of the country for all of us (Canada doesn’t count) and we were all equal parts amazed and traumatized.


In addition to the amoeba that grew in my belly for two years before I figured out why I felt sick all the time, India planted a serious travel bug in me. I traveled through Asia and Europe in my teen years and now, as an adult, I’ve spent the past three-plus years cavorting around Central and South America.


As a result, I know firsthand how hard it can be when you’re a foreigner and a woman in a new place.


Go! Girl Guides was created for women like me, women who are interested in seeing new and awesome places as often as possible, but know that there are lady-specific issues that they have to be sure they’re aware of. They’re committed to helping women get all the information they need to travel safely and boldly.


Their collection of guidebooks currently includes countries from all around the world, with inside views and expert advice on everything from what’s okay (and what’s not okay) to wear, where all of the women’s clinics in town are, and how to get ahold of things like Plan B and Monistat in the local language.


And, of course, they include all the fun stuff, too: nightclubs, cool place, the best hotels and hostels. Just because they include the serious stuff doesn’t mean Go! Girl Guides doesn’t understand that travel should also be super fun! The combination is a killer, ladies, so next time you’re planning a trip to some exotic locale, hook yourself up with a guide from GoGirlGuides.com first.



Ladies, next time you’re planning a trip to some exotic locale, hook yourself up with a @GoGirlGuides first!


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