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Here’s How To Make A Bigger Impact In Thought Leadership

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Today’s Killer Startup: BuzzSumo




Elevator Pitch

BuzzSumo helps content marketers and bloggers analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Content marketing is a growing movement, with more and more companies realizing that they need to get on the blogging train before their competitors leave them in the station. It’s great for building community, has a high ROI when done right, and turns a brand into a personality instead of just a product. It also establishes companies as thought leaders – and who doesn’t want to do business with a leader?


Content marketing is not, however, simply posting blog posts about whatever, whenever. A great content marketing strategy involves research and targeted blog posts that can be converted into a wide variety of shareable media.


It also means you have to know what’s working.


BuzzSumo gives content marketers access to the information they need to write the kind of posts that will bring the biggest returns for their companies. Launched less than a year and a half ago on Hacker News, BuzzSumo has quickly grown to be one of the most important weapons in the arsenals of content marketers and bloggers across the internet.


Co-founder James Blackwell explained their popularity to me in one succinct sentence, “You can get an idea about what type of content you should be creating in order to get the most impact.”


Unlike other keyword searchers online, BuzzSumo offers a generous free service that requires basically no onboarding. Just type in a keyword that you’re trying to optimize for and BuzzSumo immediately pulls up the most-shared posts covering as short a time as 24 hours and as long a time as one year. It’s a great way to figure out not only what’s trending but also what kind of content could potentially be evergreen – there’s a reason those heavy hitters are as popular as they are.


BuzzSumo has also managed to get where they are today with minimum outside investment. While they took on one angel investor early on, the site is already profitable. It’s now making enough money from the Pro package to sustain all three founders, which is super impressive for a company that didn’t even exist two years ago.


While I don’t know the exact keys to their success, I can only guess that BuzzSumo is doing so well for one simple reason: Their service rocks. Stop fumbling blindly through content marketing and create better posts with BuzzSumo now.



Yo, #bloggers! Is your content hitting the mark? Find out what’s trending – and make a bigger impact – with @BuzzSumo


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