How to submit? – Moblizing your Socializing allows you to take your networks and online communities on the road, actually on your cell phone.

By becoming a member and visiting the site you get a kTag, which is your user ID, and you can create a mini page which is a communications widget that works like a Facebook profile. You can customise your mini page by uploading your photo, posting your status, and uploading audio files. People can then send you text messages or send you audio files of the music you love. The service is free although depending on your cell phone server you might be charged for sending text messages. On the site you can be part of the community and see which kTags are the most active. lets you be in contact with your online social communities when you are away from the computer. In Their Own Words

“Here at Kadoink HQ, we do one thing: make people’s social lives more mobile.

Why? Because the people and communities we interact with… are always on the go and they’re all over the place – literally. They’re connecting and hanging out online in social networks, virtual environments, blogs and more. So, we saw the need to help people put it all together on the device they always have with them—their mobile phones.

To do that, Kadoink turns your phone from a one-to-one communication device into a social networking machine. We let you make instant group calls and group text messages, share music, jokes or any audio—and much more!. We do this all from your phone or through online minipages that can be distributed across the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is a killer because it is connecting people to their online
communities when they can´t be online. People are busy and this site has created a way for people to stay connected without being connected on an actual computer. Another great thing about is that you don’t need to be a member to communicate with someone who is. Members can receive and send messages to their friends that are not Kadoink members.

Some Questions About

There are other competitors, such as, that have a similar service, will Kadoink have a problem competing with these sights? At the moment Kadoink, is only available in the United States. I wonder if there are any plans on expanding the site internationally?

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