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Kaddy Kap Is A Reusable Flip-Top Bottle Cap For Your Water, Soda – Or Beer

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Traditional caps on bottles tend to lead to spillage and can be difficult to take on and off, whether it’s because of sweat, only having one hand accessible, or being a little less than sober. What everyone needs – and probably never realized it – is a reusable flip-top bottle cap, and Kaddy Kap has your back. Kaddy Kap is the worlds first and only universal and reusable flip top bottle cap designed specifically for soda and water bottles – and beer bottles too, thanks to their patent pending dual thread design.





Kaddy Kap may look simple at first glance, but it has a number of features and benefits that may not seem obvious initially:

  • Spill and leak proof.
  • Identifies your bottle – For the Kickstarter campaign, it comes in 6 different colors, and there are more to come.
  • Keeps out contaminants – Whether you’re camping, boating, at the beach, or anywhere else, the Kaddy Kap will make sure bugs, water, sand, and other things don’t make it into your drink.
  • Ease of use – Because of the design, you can flip the top one-handed, making it ideal for those situations, like driving, where, your other hand is occupied.
  • Carabiner/keychain hook  – Keep your bottle hands-free but accessible using their built-in hook.
  • Dual thread technology – Patent pending dual thread design allows it to thread onto multiple bottles including glass, plastic, and even aluminum, meaning you can use it no matter if you’re at the gym, golfing, on the go, tailgating, fishing, biking/exercising, camping, in the car, with kids, or any other time a bottle is in your hand.
  • Keeps drink fresh and cold for longer with a gasket seal.
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free.





Kaddy Kap is currently running a Kickstarter campaign which lasts until January 15th, 2018. Pledges of $8 or more get you some of their multi-use product.



Kaddy Kap

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