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Kaboodle.comKaboodle is social sharing site and a it comes as aFirefox plug-in specifically for sharing. Download it and you can share just about anything you find.

It’s especially useful for sharing things you want to buy (or that you want others to buy for you). Kaboodle will also give the thing you find a nice, short description with a title image, and price if there is one. This saves you time to find more things you like and want to share. Connect with friends and make shopping decisions. Compare your lists. Kaboodle can also be used with bookmarklets if you prefer. In Their Own Words

“The Kaboodle extension for Firefox has everything you need to use Kaboodle with your Firefox browser. Kaboodle is the best way to collect, compare, share and discover things you find anywhere on the web. Things that you are looking for, things that you wish for, things that you have or things that you just find interesting! Cool thing about Kaboodle is that when you find a thing on the web, it can automatically summarize it for you – identifying the right picture, title, brief description and even a price when it exists on the page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Kaboodle’s cool because it’s simple. There’s a lot of stuff out there on the web, and a lot of times it’s something we want, or something we want others to have a look at. Rather than having to send an email, or a link via MSN, etc, you can simply Kaboodle it. Everything that you want to share will be there in one easy to find place.

Some Questions About

Will people use Kaboodle? It’s a simple extension, but there are tons of bookmarking and sharing services out there already, it doesn’t seem necessary to use Kaboodle.

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