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Juggle Multiple Calendars with DeskBuddy

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Juggling multiple calendars and appointments can be a daunting task. DeskBuddy Ltd, a technology company founded in 2023, has introduced a groundbreaking solution to this common problem with their single-focused product, DeskBuddy. This USB-powered desktop device syncs with Office 365 and Gmail calendars, ensuring you never miss a meeting again.

The Problem and the Solution

DeskBuddy addresses the challenge of overlooking meeting reminders due to the myriad of notifications from Office 365 and Gmail calendars. Unlike easily dismissed pop-up alerts, DeskBuddy is a small, USB-powered device that stays in your line of sight, displaying your daily meetings at a glance.

Meet the Founders

DeskBuddy Ltd was co-founded by Ben Garman, the Head Project Manager, and Martin Green, the CEO of Blueberry Consultants Ltd. Jonathan Allan serves as the Chief Technology Officer. Tom James is the Software Developer behind this innovative product.

DeskBuddy’s Journey

The journey of DeskBuddy began over two years ago when the team crafted their initial prototype. The product evolved through months of collaboration between in-house developers, designers, and production experts. The initial design, based on an ESP32 microcontroller chip with an OLED screen and a 3D-printed case, paved the way for the prototype in March 2022.

The team continuously refined the product, improving software and hardware to create a meeting reminder that became an indispensable desktop asset. Their efforts culminated in DeskBuddy, a USB-powered device available in seven vibrant colors.

Features and Benefits

DeskBuddy consolidates all meetings from Office 365 and Gmail calendars, displaying them conveniently on one screen. The device enhances focus and productivity by providing a day’s agenda at your fingertips, freeing up mental bandwidth for essential tasks. With real-time updates, full-color LED notifications, and a responsive touch screen, DeskBuddy ensures stress-free meeting alerts and easy calendar navigation.

DeskBuddy’s Kickstarter Success

DeskBuddy was launched on Kickstarter in November 2023 and achieved full funding within the first seven hours. The product’s success on Kickstarter reflects the enthusiasm and demand for a solution that simplifies meeting management.

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Inspiration from Blueberry Consultants Ltd.

DeskBuddy draws inspiration from Blueberry Consultants Ltd, whose CEO, Martin Green, shares a passion for making work-life more efficient. Blueberry played a crucial role in developing DeskBuddy, providing custom software development and technical consultancy services.

The Future of DeskBuddy

In the next four years, DeskBuddy Ltd aims to continually improve the DeskBuddy product, enhancing software, adding features, and exploring personalized seasonal add-ons. The company envisions expanding from one product to a range of connected products, contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable work-life experience.

DeskBuddy is not just a device; it’s a companion that ensures you stay organized, focused, and prepared for every meeting. With DeskBuddy, the future of work-life efficiency looks bright and colorful.


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