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jReply: Your Responsive Site Builder In The Cloud

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Ready to get a little techy today, startup fans? I know that a lot of the sites we cover here on KillerStartups are fun, interesting places but they’re usually built for the general public, right? With that in mind, I thought I’d introduce you to a service that can do something specifically for you and your website: jReply Designer.


Here’s the deal: designing a website isn’t just about the website anymore; you’ve got to take a variety of platforms into consideration. How’s it going to look on a tablet? On a smartphone? What about the different sizes and widths and resolutions of each and every type of possible screen your site could be viewed on?





Phew! I’m getting tired just thinking about it!


The rapid changes in technology can be overwhelming for even the most technical among us, but luckily jReply is here to make it all so much simpler.


So… What is it?

When asked for his elevator pitch, founder Atul Vaidya says that jReply is “An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating responsive HTML5 apps in the Cloud.”





Okay, now what does that mean?

Basically that means that it’s a system that helps even a beginner in the tech world develop beautiful, responsive apps with HTML5 and CSS3. Working off of the already existing jQuery Mobile, jReply provides users with “custom layout controls, seamless access to external data sources, easy definition and application of CSS3 rules, the use of Web Fonts and more to deliver web applications that are truly responsive.”


jReply takes what jQuery Mobile has already created – a way for you to make responsive apps – and makes it better.


Who needs this service?

Bootstrapping startups, for one! Those of you who want quality responsive sites but don’t have the dollars to pay for it can use jReply to create top of the line product without paying out the big bucks.


Staying in the webpage realm, designers should also take a good look at what jReply has to offer. Their service cuts out the mundane markup, meaning designers can create their product in significantly less time, making them more competitive in the marketplace.





People new to the coding world may want to take a look as well, as jReply allows you to create representative HTML5 markup quickly, which you can then study to figure out how it all works. More experienced coders should also consider use this coding tool, if only to automate the super fun job of writing HTML5 markup.


Why is jReply my best option?

Number one is that it exists in the Cloud; you can access all your data from anymore. If that wasn’t enough to set it apart, jReply also allows you to create all the versions of your site in one spot, meaning you don’t have to redo everything for each format. That plus the lack of repetitive markup means higher productivity, and who’s going to say no to that?


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