This New Freelance Economy Requires A New Kind Of Job Connection

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Freelancing is nothing new – people have been making money on the side as long as there has been money to be made. What is new, however, is the rate at which the number of Americans working in the freelance economy is growing. Believe it or not, some experts estimate that there will be more freelance workers than full-time workers in the US by 2025.


Whether or not that prediction comes to pass, there are already 53 million freelancers in the US today and with the increased popularity of remote working, it’s hard to believe that number won’t continue to grow.


So where do these people find jobs? Obviously some folks go old school and utilize their existing networks but others are wasting hours scouring online job boards, searching for the right fit. On the other side, employers and talent agents are scraping LinkedIn and other professional networks, trying to find the right match for their projects.




JobBliss is one freelance marketplace that has taken on the challenge of matching freelance workers with the jobs they’re searching for and recruiters with the best talent. On the freelancer side, sign up involves creating a profile that includes linking to your LinkedIn profile, uploading a photo, naming your skill sets, adding links to any other sites where your work can be found, and filling out a short bio.


Once your profile is set up, the JobBliss engine gets to work matching you with jobs that fit both your skills. When a match has been made, the job appears directly in your calendar as an invite. Check it out, apply if it’s a good fit, and if it’s not something you’re interested in, you also have the option of passing it on to a friend.




Employers have a similar process, but from the other site. They need to set up a company profile, post the jobs they need filled, and then identify the skills needed using JobBliss tags. After that, employers can just sit back and wait for the talent to come to them.


JobBliss freelance marketplace allows employers to access the profiles of all of the freelancers who are interested in the jobs, view their professional profiles on other sites, and arrange for an interview. JobBliss also allows employers to book freelancers directly on the site.


As the freelance population continues to grow, sites like JobBliss are going to be invaluable for both people searching for work and those searching for workers. For those of you who are already on the freelancing train, JobBliss is – and always will be – free for people who are searching for work. And employers? It’s free for you too, for as long as the site is in beta. Isn’t it time to start connecting?


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