Goal! Jimmy Data Will Have You Celebrating Reports Like The Head Coach Of Mexico’s Soccer Team

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Don’t you just love the clients that think you have nothing else to do besides give them reports again and again? And again. Asking for different things during different times each time they ask for a report.




Knowing firsthand how much time digital agencies waste reporting to clients, William Bakhos created the Jimmy Data report automation tool to stop the madness. Jimmy Data amalgamates advertising performance data into automated reports. This saves agencies tremendous time and money.


Brendon Watson, General Manager of Fabness, says:


“Jimmy has saved us an estimated minimum of 30hrs per week in reporting tasks, which frees up time to dedicate to other tasks.”




Fans of the show Seinfeld (the inspiration behind the name Jimmy Data) will recall from “The Jimmy” episode that Jimmy doesn’t like misunderstandings. Jimmy and misunderstandings kinda clash.


Jimmy Data’s Vision:

Save your agency time and money with instant reporting in seconds. Customize, automate, and share beautiful reports.


Using Jimmy Data eliminates misunderstandings with clients thanks to customized templates, automatically generated real-time reports. Since the reports are easy to share via the platform, it’s no longer necessary to maintain those cumbersome email threads that eat time and leave everyone confused.


Jimmy Data is easy to schedule. Jimmy Data is easy to read and to share. Jimmy Data grabs data from advertising sources and combines them into one report, making data entry as simple as a few button clicks.


You get the idea (and the joke, I hope) – it’s quick and easy to build, automate, and download reports with Jimmy Data.


Manage all of your clients from a straightforward dashboard. KPIs, graphs, tables, and notes can be arranged however you want them to be viewed, uniquely for each client so that metrics match requirements and preferences. Currently the software supports Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Efforts are underway to soon include Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, HasOffers and MailChimp.


Data from Dashboard



Jimmy Data not only frees up time and saves money for companies, but is great for customer relations as well. For starters, clients can receive real-time reports quickly and as often as they like, which means that they get what they ask for. What’s more, the dynamic client dashboard is easy on the eyes – personalized reports, better looking than… let’s say Excel sheets, impress clients and thus make them more likely to stay customers..


Really more free plan than trial offer, businesses can manage 5 fully functional report templates with no limitations or obligations. And no fees! Afterward, pricing depends on the number of reports handled per month. Plans (10 reports) begin at $20 per month.


Early clients of Jimmy Data include Warner Bros. Global Rev Gen, fetch tv, and nifty spot. Jimmy Data is based out of Sydney, Australia. Prior to Jimmy Data, Bakhos began numerous startups and founded The Web Marketers Crew, one of Australia’s leading search agencies.


Visit JimmyData.com to learn more about how you can end your client reporting headaches and begin creating “live” reports. Don’t miss the chance to experience “Miguel Herrera-level excitement” over reports.


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