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ItsTrending.comFacebook’s announcement of an open standard for the Web has dominated conversations all over the Internet for the last couple of days. Some people championed the cause, and others called it an imprudent move that could reveal more than is desirable about a person in the end.

So, who do you support – the hawks or the doves? If you still are waiting before taking sides, you might like to wait on a site like this one. In principle, it is a real time aggregator of these topics that have been shared the most on Facebook.

That includes not only news and videos, but also pictures and web games. It is impossible to name one of these categories as “the category” bar none, although it seems to me that the “Top News” category might be somehow more active than the others. But not by much.

At the end of the day, sites like this one make for finding content that one might like somehow more easily. But I think that the lasting impression one has when he tries something like this is how big and encompassing Facebook has already become, and the true shadow of dominance that it can cast on the WWW – something that will happen before too long. In Their Own Words

“A real time feed of the most shared content of Facebook.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is as useful as it is foretelling – you can learn about new content through it in a snap, and at the same time it dawns on you how things are going to be from now on.

Some Questions About

Are other sites like this one available, or is this on a league of its own?

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