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iTrulyCare.comiTrulyCare is a new site that will let you tell the world at large about these things you firmly believe in, and recruit people who could help these causes flourish.

On the site (which is free to use) you can create a page expressing your personal passions, and explain why you care about these things so much.

You can also create a blog in order to keep a steady flow of updates, and (what’s even more interesting) start events in order to raise awareness about your cause, and show how it can have a positive effect in the community you live in.

In this way, the site acts as a true network in which people have a chance to let their hopes begin taking a positive (and tangible) shape. If you have the time to start building connections and managing them, this site will most likely let you end up with a group of loyal supporters.

And maybe someone ha already started a group championing the very same cause you believe in. Finding that out will be a mere question of launching a search on the main page – the provided map will help you do it. In Their Own Words

“iTrulyCare is all about expressing and supporting personal passions by getting everyone around you involved in what you truly care about. Check out some of the awesome Blogs from our Members that are getting their word out to the masses. Start or promote an Event that is in your area, or create a Project and get people involved. This is the network where hope and visions come to life one person at a time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is easy to use and absolutely free – if it doesn’t let you pick a fair number of supporters, then nothing will. Getting them interested is anything but difficult.

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