iTechnician Helps You Find Local Mac Repair Service Centers For All Your Apple Products

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Have you ever tried cleaning an OJ spill from the keypad of your Macbook Pro before? Has your cat mistaken the cord of your recharging iPod for a string lunch? Ever tried to carry a few too many things walking through the door and dropped your iPhone, screen-side down? C’mon, fess up. You can’t tell me that at some point you haven’t needed a service like iTechnician.





Whenever something goes wrong with an iDevice, iTechnician helps distraught owners find the nearest qualified technician to make repairs. We rely on our gadgets so heavily in our everyday life, we can’t afford to be without them for long. We expect our tech tools to be handy, and likewise have an urgent need to access efficient iPad repair, iPhone repair, iPod repair, and more.


Based in the UK, the site connects users to repair centers registered in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Belfast, and Bournemouth. They also plan to continue adding more locations. According to a recent article in The Guardian, the UK has just surpassed Japan as the world leader in mobile internet use. It stands to reason that with such heavy mobile use, the need for repairs will be on the rise as well. The stars – location, timing, service provided – appear aligned for the iTechnician model to save lots of Apple customers major headaches.





iTechnician provides a quick and cost effective way to arrange repairs for all your iDevices including the following and more:

  • iPads
  • iPods
  • Macs
  • iPhone



The process is simple:

  1. Enter your zip code and select the device you need repaired
  2. Receive a list of local repair centers and approximate travel distance
  3. Review contact information and seek out the most convenient service


Users can save time further by sending requests for repair estimates before venturing out to repair centers. Make appointments to mail in devices with iTechnician or learn where you can find walk-in assistance.





Al Lijee founded iTechnician. Here’s his explanation of why he started the company: “…I knew all too well about the frustration of needing iPhone repairs. I also understand that many people in the UK need and want fast iPad repair and Mac repair, so I wanted to unite them with a service that can do this.”


If your Apple device is beyond rescue, you can sell back your goods through iTechnician as well. Receive an e-mail valuation of your damaged products by clicking here.





iTechnician is also a valuable resource for Mac repair service centers. Businesses can register for a gold membership and place an iTechnician banner at the top of their website. This helps establish credibility, improve visibility to customers, and push businesses higher in search results. Register your repair centre for FREE.


For more information, contact iTechnician:



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