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IsOnTwitter.comThis is a new service that will empower you to advertise your business on Twitter, the social platform of the hour. It will also enable you to publicize any event or community that you are a part of.

IsOnTwitter works by letting you create a filtered Twitter page for your business/event/community, or a custom widget to be included on your site or blog. Of course, you can create both in order to achieve maximum exposure and reach a public as wide as it gets.

The possibilities that the Internet has brought into the picture when it comes to advertising oneself are never-ending. They were more than cubed when Twitter came to the block, and this site does nothing but reemphasize that fact. I advise you to check it out and put it to the task – at the end of the day, it is just like they say: there is not such a thing as bad or adverse publicity. Any mention you have is a of couple of more potential clients, and right now that counts more than ever. In Their Own Words

“Twitter has crossed the chasm and is a valid community communication platform. Now that you have your Twitter account(s) and you are using Twitter to communicate, you must now help your users, clients, and partners filter your presence on Twitter. will help you with this, creating a filter agregator for your business, company, event, group, community or family. Simply sign-up, input your Twitter information and create a customized Twitter homepage or a custom widget to place on your site.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is yet another apt (and free) way to publicize oneself online.

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What gives this option an edge over others?

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