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Island Rose – Flowers straight from the farm

Island RoseIsland Rose owns the largest rose farm in the Philippines. Through this service, customers can order flowers straight from the farm initially for delivery throughout the Philippine islands.

It has a line-up of hundreds of varieties of flowers and combinations as well as gift items to compliment its flowers. Through the service, customers are able to bi-pass the middleman and order direct from the source giving them the freshest flowers at the fairest prices.

Why Island Rose It Might Be A Killer

Unlike most flower delivery services that rely on middlemen or consolidators to communicate with farms, Island Rose controls its own farm. By combining the most modern farming facilities with state of the art e-commerce capabilities, it can deliver products cheaper, faster, and fresher. Island Rose can maintain profitability while offering prices 50% below competitors of the same quality. It is currently the leading Philippine flower delivery service and plans to go worldwide starting with South East Asia. Island Rose

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