How to submit? – Keep Up with Your Invoices

Invotrak.comInvotrak is a simple tool for tracking your invoices. It lets you track invoices for your clients, determine how much you’re owed, when it’s due and from whom, and notify clients of new invoices owed.

To take advantage of Invotrak you’re required to register. However, you pay nothing. After registering, all you’ve got to do is fill out your client info and record your invoice(s). Invoice info can also be uploaded (eg. PDF files, or Word docs). The built-in email form will notify clients of the existing invoice. The template feature allows you to send out email alerts without having to constantly retype. Invotrak will automatically notify you of overdue invoices. In Their Own Words

“Invotrak helps you get your invoices under control. No fees or hassles. Invotrak is a simple site designed to make your invoice-tracking efforts as simple as possible. Use invotrak to record billing records for your clients, notify them of the invoice, and keep track of what you’re owed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Invotrak is perfect for free-lancers and small businesses. It’s light weight and free. Instead of having to dish out wads of cash for software that’s beyond the scope of most people’s needs, users of Invotrak actually save time and money.

Some Questions About

Is Invotrak powerful enough? Is it too simple?

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