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InvoiceMachine.comThe Invoice Machine is a web application tailor-made for producing nice looking invoices, and keeping track of them at the same time. The whole focus of the site is on making things easier that before when it comes to generating invoices, but also to make them look a bit prettier and making the whole process a bit more efficient.

When one starts thinking why one should use this application it becomes notoriously apparent that the app itself allows a new clever approach to online invoicing. Everyone knows what a big pain it is to produce and chase all of those invoices to your clients, and see if you really got paid what you had to. With The Invoice Machine this has become a lot easier, because you can begin registering your clients and products and services, and then making new invoices can be done super simply. Every time you generate a new invoice you just need to chose the options from the pull-down menus and input the amounts and then you can send the invoice straight away. Another powerful feature is the possibility of detailing and rapidly calculating tax discounts and other variables regarding the invoice itself so you don’t need to pull out your calculator every time you have to produce an invoice. The service is also available in several languages, thus making it very versatile.

The service in its most basic form is free, however if you would like to send more than 3 invoices a month, then you will need to start paying a fee in order to use it. In Their Own Words

‘The Invoice Machine takes a new clever approach to online invoicing. It’s beautiful and simple-to-use interface makes producing professional looking invoices a very pleasant experience.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

The end result really looks pretty, and it has some powerful tools that you can use.

Some Questions About

Why not simply use PayPal?

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