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Introin.comIntroin is a web-based portal that allows you to find rentals and sublets across the United States and communicate with people who already live in the buildings to have all of your questions asked. For the potential renter, this means that you don’t necessarily have to go and visit the property before you rent and can instead rely on the insider information that you gain by speaking with someone who is already living in the building.

In order to provide an incentive for people to become referrers, Introin can help you receive a referral fee from the leasing company or authority that is responsible for your building. So, if you already live somewhere that’s great, and would like make a bit of extra cashes helping others find a place, Introin is a good place to start. In Their Own Words

“Browse our listings and find renters who can give you the inside scoop on their complex. Connect with existing renters and have your specific concerns answered. Post a free listing and connect with renters who are hunting in your area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The best part about this site is that they’ve actually tried to put mechanisms in place that will ensure that people have an incentive to communicate with future renters by receiving a referral fee. The other side of the equation is simple—obviously people will be interested in speaking with a current renter before renting a place.

Some Questions About

How exactly do they facilitate the payment of referral fees? Do they play an active role in attaining you the referral fees or are they just mentioning that many companies will pay you a fee?

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