Introducing Episodes: a better way to find your next favorite podcast

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Calling all podcast fanatics! Do you ever find yourself sinking hours upon hours into finding a new podcast, only to finally settle on one that ends up being not-so-great? Are you looking for a better way to find your next favorite podcast based on the things you like and find interesting, rather than spending all of your time simply guessing? If so, introducing Episodes by

Episodes (Beta) makes discovering new podcasts easy, fun and social. The app combines a categorized feed, thematic episode clips and social media to create a brand-new way to discover amazing podcasts that you will enjoy from beginning to end. Best of all, Episodes brings the podcasts to you, so you never again have to waste time scouring the internet for your next favorite podcaster.

Finding new podcasts with Episodes is as easy as picking a category or categories, scrolling to listen to clips from tons of podcasters from around the globe, and then diving into your next favorite podcast. You can also connect with the podcast’s community of listeners via the apps’ social media function.

Episodes was created by the podcast experts over at Blurb, a platform that automatically packages up podcaster’s content and then delivers optimized promo videos for all of their social media. A few of the world’s top 1% of podcasts already use Blurb to put their podcast promos on autopilot.

The team is now looking for early access users to help them improve their app before telling the world. It’s fun. It’s social. It’s buggy. So they need podcast lovers like you to help them perfect the app and eventually launch it so that everyone can discover podcasts they love.

Interested? You can visit to learn more about Episodes and sign up to gain VIP access to their platform.

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