Content Creators Rejoice: Interplanetary Broadcast Coin (IPBC) Launches A Free Worldwide Content Distribution Platform

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If you’re a content creator, especially if you make music or videos or both, you know that it’s difficult to earn a living off producing content with the content distribution platforms currently available. In most cases, earnings depend on things like the creator’s living area, advertising companies, data service providers, and even arbitrary decisions. Not with new open video sharing platform Interplanetary Broadcast Coin (IPBC).‘s new worldwide innovative platform aims to disrupt traditional video sharing platforms with a blockchain-based payment system that rewards creators for fair use, with a unique revenue model based on integrated cryptocurrency.

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Distribution of user-provided content on the IPBC platform is based on a revenue share model, which is designed to benefit both consumers and copyright holders. IPBC’s goal is to empower creators by offering a payment solution powered by its own cryptocurrency, IPBC coin. Users can participate in the payment ecosystem via a browser-based miner, the profits of which are used to pay copyright holders based on how often their content is viewed.

How It Works

When users view files, the IPBC software runs in the background and generates cryptocoins. Both data owners (copyright owners) and data viewers are able to earn income this way, from the very first user, and not just if content creators hit a high number of followers. The fact that even viewers can earn is the main driver for growing the number of users in the short term. Especially users from low-income countries can be stimulated by this with little effort to increase their income attractively. Users with upgraded hardware, such as gamers, are able to run their hardware to mine in times when they do not use it. IPBC receives 10% of all mining revenue.


Main features of IPBC include:

  • IPBC Website – web portal and search engine
  • Cryptomining as a payment system
  • Video portal through the IPFS network.
  • Broadcasting through P2P and IPFS connections
  • Remote control through WebRTC and direct connection

Future developments will include a built-in meta tag-based search engine, as well as a pattern proof checking system, which allows copyright holders to submit as well as claim ownership of their content.


If you’re interested in finding a new and improved way to monetize your content, head over to IPBC’s website to get started.


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