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Interclue.comThe quest to make web browsing as simple and seamless as possible gets a boost from Interclue. Many internet users have come across snap previews, which caused much complaint in the blogosphere when they first appeared but have since improved.

There are also a few browser addons with similar functionality. Early startup Browster entered the Techcrunch Deadpool earlier this year, leaving Cooliris and iReader as the only significant such addons on the market. Cooliris has a large floating preview window that covers most of the current page, while iReader provides a small popup with a few salient bullet points, and some severe usability issues. By contrast, Interclue”s embedded tooltip window represents a highly useful and usable middle ground, and appears to pack an awful lot of functionality into a very elegant and unobtrusive interface. Well worth checking out. In Their Own Words

“Browsing can be a real time-waster—new pages are distracting even when they contain stuff you really want to see.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Interclue packs a lot of useful information in its previews without being obtrusive. It´s nicely executed and is especially practical for news sites. Makes browsing more efficient, overall.

Some Questions About

Where is the profit going to come from? Will users pay for an upgrade to a subscriber version? These preview addons, while handy, haven”t made much of an impact so far.

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