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There’s nothing like the feeling of capturing what you see into a beautiful photo that you can share with the world. Photography allows us to show people not only what we see in real life, but what we see in our imaginations, as well. However, getting the perfect shot isn’t always easy. Finding ideal locations can be time-consuming and tricky. Knowing which gear or settings will help you best capture the moment requires research. Finding someone to talk to when you have questions or need photography advice can be difficult. Inspired Image hopes to change all that.

Inspired Image is a community-driven mobile app that allows users to quickly share their photos with a like-minded group of artists, along with information about where the photo was taken and how it was taken. Inspired Image aims to build a community of creatives where people can support and inspire one another and encourage creativity.

With the Inspired Image app, users can view a map and see photos others users are taking at specific locations, along with how they’re doing it. This helps users discover new shoot locations, new angles to try when photographing, the best time of day to visit the location and more.

Support is another key element of the Inspired Image experience. Users can seek feedback on their images, offer advice to other users, and share ideas with their fellow creatives to build a supportive community where people are passionate about what they do.

Inspired Image includes a wide range of features to support the creative community in their photography efforts:


Users can view a map to see precise photo locations, helping them discover new places to check out when taking photos. The map also shows photos from other users for inspiration plus tips and information on how they got the shot.

Location saving

Users can save their location for future reference and even make detailed notes about the location. This is great for photographers as well as hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts who wish to return to their new favorite spots in the future.

Live view

Users can request a live view of the location from other Inspired Image users to get a better idea of what to expect.

Gears lists & EXIF data

Users can share information on the gear they used to capture their photo along with other details about where and how the photo was taken. This information is searchable, allowing users to look for more info about specific gear or keywords.


Inspired Image encourages friendly competition through photos contests. Winners may be rewarded with prizes like products, gift cards from sponsors, temporary access to premium services, points and more. Points can also be earned by contributing to the community, completing scavenger hunts and other activities. A leaderboard shows the top users to help encourage engagement.


Inspired Image is dedicated to helping creatives learn and grow, and accomplishes this in part through tutorials. Lesson topics include various techniques, post-processing tips and more from professional photographers and editors.


Ready to take your photography to the next level? Inspired Image can help you learn useful techniques, discover new locations, and interact with fellow creatives to help you take great photos and grow as a photographer. You can help make Inspired Image a reality by backing their campaign on Kickstarter. Visit their campaign page to learn more and make a pledge.

Inspired Image

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