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Injoi Home Services

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Injoi Home Services, LLC provides both steam and low-moisture (dry) carpet and upholstery cleaning services, tile and grout cleaning and restoration, and lawn maintenance services in and around the Metro Atlanta area. We provide superior carpet and upholstery cleaning techniques that will brighten and highlight the beauty of your fabrics.

It is our goal to be among the best of Atlanta carpet cleaners and the best in Atlanta carpet cleaning services.

We offer special cleaning solutions and custom service packages for those with special needs such as, germicides, hypoallergenic solutions, flea combatant, total odor removal, re-soil protection and a host of other products and services that will get you on your way to a comfortable, more enjoyable home or office environment. Enjoy Life. Enjoy your home.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Why Injoi Home Services It Might Be A Killer

Compared to other companies in the Metro Atlanta area, our prices are affordable and the quality of the work performed is paramount. We’ve cleaned behind several of our larger (national) competitors, and have always surpassed their level of service quality and customer service (so our customers state in testimonials).

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